Echocardiography Sonography

Through this test, the doctor can monitor how a patient’s heart and its valves are functioning. Through echocardiogram, doctors can find the following things:

  1. Blood clots in the heart.
  2. fluid in the sac around the heart
  3. Any issues with the aorta as that are the main artery which connected with the heart.

Through this test, the doctor can check the health of heart muscle, specifically after a cardiac attack. This technique is also useful to disclose any heart defects in unborn babies.

How should you prepare for echocardiography Sonography?

There are various types of echocardiogram technique and most of them don’t require any special preparation. Though if you are going for transesophageal echocardiogram then you can get a couple of instructions from your doctor likes don’t eat anything before a few hours of the test as it can prevent the patient from vomiting during the test. You will also get don’t drive after a few hours of the test due to sedatives.