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What is a Medical Technologist?

Medical Technologists, also referred to as Med Techs or MTs are the integral behind-the-scenes contributors to the healthcare industry that perform the necessary laboratory work following established clinic procedures. Med techs also perform chemical and biological tests on patient specimens for medical diagnosis..

Depending on their training, aspiring MTs may choose to specialize in a specific field to become Clinical laboratory Technicians, Cytogenetic Technicians, Histotechnicians, Pathologist Assistants, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Anesthesia Technicians, Radiation Protection Technicians or Medical Repair Technicians. Other career options for MTs include:

The path to becoming a MT will require a certification or licensure in most states and will likely require a bachelor degree in medical technology, biology, chemistry or a science that meets the necessary coursework and laboratory requirements.

This site is an online resource for potential students looking to further their knowledge about a career as a med tech and the path it takes to pursue a career in this field.


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Medical Technology is an increasingly popular career option in healthcare. Find out more about the job description of a medical tech, read about salary information and job growth figures and determine if a career as a medical technologist is right for you.

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