Medical Technologist (MT) and Clinical Lab Scholarships

Below are the scholarships and grants available for Medical Technologists and Clinical Lab Technicians.

ASCP Scholarships and Grants

The ASCP Foundation's Scholarship Fund provides financial support to outstanding pathology residents to help them expand their knowledge, skills, and professional network, and it assists clinical laboratory students through scholarships for books and tuition. The Foundation provides grants to Directors of Medical Laboratory programs to support the purchase of education-related materials and other training program resources, and it also provides fellowships to students and pathology residents and fellows to expand their experience and knowledge. One hundred percent of your donations to the ASCP Foundation go to member programs and services. All personnel and administrative costs are made possible with the generous support of ASCP.

Provide Scholarships

ASCP Foundation Pathology Interest Group Grants

The ASCP Foundation Pathology Interest Group Grants provide support for medical students’ Pathology Interest Groups. The ASCP Foundation provides a total of $3,000 each year to support medical students and their Pathology Interest Group's activities. Individual grants are $250 each.

Grant Conditions

  • To apply, applicant must be an ASCP Medical Student member. Medical student membership is free - learn more at
  • If an applicant has been selected to receive a grant, the applicant must wait one full year before applying for funding again.

ASCP Foundation Trainee Global Health Fellowships

The ASCP Foundation Trainee Global Health Fellowships give pathology residents and fellows the opportunity to go beyond the material at their local institutions by expanding their experiences, knowledge, and exposure to pathology in a low- to middle- income country setting as part of the Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa Initiative. Because of the ongoing collaborations of ASCP and these sites, small research projects or participation in ongoing research projects is strongly encouraged.

Grant Overview

For the 2021 grant cycle for activities in 2022, grants are available for up to six trainees per year for $2,500 to work virtually or in-country with Partners sites for a period of at least 4 weeks.

How Are Grants Awarded

The Partners Steering Committee evaluates all grant applications. The following criteria are used to score applications.

  • Personal goal for virtual or in-country experience and impact on career
  • Service to ASCP
  • Level of training (Resident all years through Fellow)
  • Strength of CV, including research outside the field
  • Research during residency training
  • Strength of Personal Statement
  • Salary funding

Grant Conditions

  • Applicants must be Resident or Fellow-in-Training members of ASCP training in pathology in the U.S.
  • Virtual or in-country activities must engage Partners sites.
    • Options include, but not limited to, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, DRC, Malawi and Haiti
    • In partnership with BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH), additional sites are available through their collaboration, including Cote d’Ivoire (French language preferred), Kenya, and Nigeria.
    • Details are found on the application form.
  • Funds are awarded at the time of notification of the awards.
  • A full written report is required upon completion of the rotation.
    • Participants may be asked to provide testimonials, video clips, or photos for ASCP Foundation and CGH use.
  • Optional: Participants are encouraged to submit their research as an abstract to the ASCP Annual Meeting after completion of the rotation.

ASCP Foundation STEM Student Scholarship

ASCP recognizes the potential of high school students interested in pursuing degrees in the medical sciences with the ASCP Foundation STEM Student Scholarship. In conjunction with the NEXTPO event at the Annual Meeting, young learners become familiar with rewarding careers in the laboratory.

What is the ASCP Foundation STEM Student Scholarship?

The ASCP Foundation STEM Student Scholarship was created to support exemplary students ready to pursue degrees or studies in the medical or life sciences. It encourages young learners to hone their talents in the laboratory by finding a promising career as a pathologist, laboratory professional, scientist or researcher.

The ASCP Foundation annually awards scholarships to high school students invited to attend the NEXTPO event at the ASCP Annual Meeting.

ASCP Foundation Carter Stephen Ainsworth Health Policy (Virtual) Summer Fellowship

The ASCP Foundation Carter Stephen Ainsworth Health Policy Summer Fellowship offers students the opportunity to serve as ASCP Health Policy Interns, working primarily with staff in the ASCP Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy and receiving hands-on experience and insight into the synergies of science, policy, and practice in laboratory medicine. This Fellowship was created in memory of Carter Stephen Ainsworth, a Clemson University student from Charleston, South Carolina, who served as an intern for ASCP’s Institute for Science Technology and Policy.

ASCP Foundation Leadership Institute Scholarship

The ASCP Foundation Leadership Institute Scholarship offers the opportunity for recipients to improve their leadership skills. Every year, a laboratory professional and a pathologist are chosen from the applicants to receive the Leadership Institute Certificate Program and five hours of one-on-one coaching from ASCP’s team of leadership experts. The Certificate Program focuses on increasing self-awareness to gain insights into personal leadership styles and behavior. Coaching will revolve around feedback from self-assessments and other areas about which recipients would like feedback.


Both pathologist and laboratory professional ASCP members are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates are expected to have a personal interest in leadership but do not need to currently be serving in a leadership position. Candidates should have the following:

  • Current ASCP Membership
  • 5-7 years of work experience in the field of laboratory science
  • Previous leadership experience, either professionally or personally

About the ASCP Leadership Institute

The ASCP Leadership Institute is the lab team’s complete resource for practical, customizable leadership training developed to enhance pathologists’ and laboratory professionals’ effectiveness in the lab.

AMT Scholarships

AMT awards scholarships annually to members attending undergraduate/graduate programs and to high school graduates pursuing medical technology, medical assisting, dental assisting or phlebotomy studies.

AMT offers scholarships to enhance educational and competency opportunities for current and future allied health care professionals. Two types of scholarships are offered: Student and Membership.

AMT’s Scholarship Committee determines scholarship recipients, the number of scholarships, and the amounts for both the student and membership scholarships.

Interested applicants must meet criteria set by AMT’s Scholarship Committee. Applicants must:

  • Be a graduate of, or a senior in, an accredited high school (GED is acceptable) or a certified AMT member in good standing.
  • Be enrolled in a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting commission. Course of study must lead to a career in one of the disciplines certified by AMT.
  • Provide two letters of reference and a minimum 500-word essay describing why they have chosen their career path.
  • Provide two letters of reference and a minimum 500-word essay describing why they have chosen their career path.

ASCLS Scholarships

Barbara Snyderman, MLS(ASCP)CM, DLM, ASCLS E&R Fund Vice Chair

What student couldn’t use some additional cash to fund his or her education, graduate studies, or research? TheASCLS Education & Research Fund, Inc. (E&R Fund) provides scholarships and grants available for students enrolled in programs in medical laboratory technology, medical laboratory science, and graduate degrees related to our profession. The E&R Fund also provides scholarship opportunities to students studying for the doctorate in clinical laboratory science.

Established in 1953, ASCLS E&R Fund provides dollars that assist in the growth of the clinical/medical laboratory science profession and enhance the essential services provided by laboratory professionals. The fund is supported by endowments and by contributions from members and the public.

In 2011, the E&R Fund began providing Memorial Scholarships that are intended for those who wish to honor or memorialize a friend, colleague, or family member with a gift.

Funding Opportunities

The fund offers a $1,500 Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship annually to a qualifying MLS student and a $1,000 scholarship to a qualifying MLT student in the final year of study. Other undergraduate scholarships are available to honor Dan Southern ($2,000) and in memory of Edward C. Dolbey, Michelle Kanuth, and Bernadette Rodak ($1,500 each). A $3,000 Edward C. Dolbey graduate scholarship is offered to graduate students in clinical/medical laboratory science or in a related graduate field.

The E&R Fund also offers research grants of $3,000-$5,000 supporting members’ investigations of issues critical to laboratory medicine and health care.

The ASCLS awards program recognizes outstanding achievements, contributions, and service to the profession and celebrates the value of professional ability and commitment. Grants, scholarships, and professional achievement awards are presented at the ASCLS-AGT Joint Annual Meeting.

Eligibility for E&R Fund Scholarships

  • Member of ASCLS
  • Citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Undergraduate applicants may apply during their final year
  • Undergraduate applicants must be enrolled in a NAACLS-accredited program


The E&R Fund depends on your donations! Money is raised through silent auctions at the Joint Annual Meeting Presidents’ Reception and at the Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference but that is just a part of what is given to students each year. Donations are welcome at any time of the year. Please go to and use the DONATEbutton to make your contribution to the E&R Fund, or simply mail your check to the ASCLS national office, c/o James Flanigan,American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, 1861 International Drive, Suite 200, McLean VA 22102.

Your contribution is officially a tax-deductible donation to our 501c3 fund. There is no minimum contribution—all donations are appreciated. If you want to donate to a specific scholarship, simply provide the name and affiliation of the person you wish to honor or memorialize. The trustees of the E&R Fund thank you in advance for your contributions.